Art Restaurant Mánes

Carrot, tarragon mayonnaise, beluga lentils, carrot puree, mustard seed
225 Kč

Goat cheese, black trumpet mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut
245 Kč

Beef tartare, Gran Moravia, fresh cheese from Krasolesí, truffle, toasted bread
365 Kč

Duck terrine with foie gras, fruit, fennel biscuit
320 Kč

Onion soup, potato fondant, cheese, onion chips
125 Kč

List of allergens on request from the service.

Roasted cauliflower, romanesco, cauliflower couscous, cauliflower puree, hazelnuts
345 Kč

Cod fillet, grilled leek, buttermilk, caviar, potato puree with leek, parsley oil
550 Kč

Chicken supreme, roasted vegetables, beluga lentils, carrot puree, thyme juice
385 Kč

Pork neck, roasted cabbage, paprika sauce, black garlic, fried garlic and onion, apple
455 Kč

US Prime Striploin Steak, Financiére sauce,
potato puree, beef cracklings, confit egg yolk, truffle
950 Kč

Beef tenderloin steak 200g, potato croquette with girolle mushrooms and cheese,
Jerusalem artichoke puree, Supreme sauce
825 Kč

Tomahawk steak with bone, olives oil with rosemary and sea salt,
smoked herb butter, Baked potato purée
100g / 155 Kč

Beef Wellington baked in puff pastry, wild mushroom ragout,
dry-cured ham, Madeira sauce, Potato puree
1650 Kč

Mánes cake (gluten-free cake with cherries, marzipan and chocolate)
205 Kč

Sweet mini dumplings with vanilla custard
185 Kč

Chocolate fondant with Cointreau, salted caramel ice cream, apples
205 Kč

Lemon sorbet
60 Kč

Selection of cheeses from farm Krasolesí, homemade jam, bread
385 Kč

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