Art Restaurant Mánes


Goat cheese, orange bread, fennel, apple, nuts
245 Kč

Marinated trout, rice chips with nori, caviar, horseradish cream, pressed cucumber
265 Kč

Baked snails (8pcs) with herbs butter and Pernod, homemade bread
8pcs/ 250 Kč

Pulled pork, pickled vegetables, remoulade, sourdough bread
195 Kč

Beef tartare with truffle mayonnaise, cornichones, capers, bread, garlic


Soup of the day

List of allergens on request from the

Main courses

Salad with roasted vegetables, nuts, lentil, hazelnut dressing
225 Kč

Mushroom risotto, Jerusalem artichoke, sautéed mushroom, truffle, confit egg yolk
290 Kč

Trout fillets, mushroom risotto, parmesan foam

Chicken Breast Supreme,carrot puree, roasted vegetables, poultry jus
345 Kč

Duck leg, caramelized cabbage, dumpling with foie gras and dried cranberries

½ pork knee in black beer, horseradish, mustard, pickled vegetables, sourdough bread
390 Kč

Veal tenderloin schnitzel, fried in clarified butter, truffle mashed potatoes
495 Kč

Beef tenderloin steak 200g, brioche, foie gras, wild broccoli, Bordelaise sauce, truffles French fries
825 Kč

Czech speciality

Braised beef sirloin in sour cream sauce, Karlsbad dumplings and cranberries
360 Kč

Mánes Specialty within 45 min

Beef Wellington baked in puff pastry, wild mushroom ragout, dry-cured ham, Madeira sauce, potato puree
500g / 1650 Kč


Mánes cake (gluten-free cake with cherries, marzipan and chocolate)
215 Kč

Sweet mini dumplings with vanilla custard
195 Kč

Hot apple pie, nut ice cream, baked nuts
205 Kč

Pistachio pinwheel, chopped pistachios, tonka cream
245 Kč

Selection of cheeses, homemade jam, bread
385 Kč

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